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Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a dynamic city, dense with hundreds of top corporations and thousands of smaller companies. Businesses in Dallas compete on international, nationwide, and local levels, and these businesses need top representation for search marketing services.

The Dallas metro area is home to a handful of search engine marketing and SEO agencies, and there are a couple of premier internet marketing associations in the area -- the DFW Search Engine Marketing Association, and the DFW Interactive Marketing Association -- both of which bring together many of the top minds in online marketing services. Their membership comprises some of the top marketing talent from the entire Dallas area.

There are a number of online marketing companies to choose from in North Texas when you're in need of expert consultation. However, Argent Media provides unique expertise with the benefit of a longer track record of experience than most can claim. Argent Media's principal, Chris Silver Smith, has been working on search engine optimization and promotions since 1997, and has provided beneficial consulting to Fortune 500 and Internet Retailer 500 companies for many years.

Argent Media specializes in ecommerce retail SEO, local SEO, Social Media, online reputation management, and related services. Whether you are in the market for nationwide or local search optimization for the Dallas area, choose an agency that is an originator of SEM best practices, and not merely an imitator. Argent Media is one of Dallas's leading search engine optimization companies and can help you improve your rankings and outpace your competition.

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