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Social Media Management Package

Argent Media provides professional management of social media accounts on behalf of businesses. This service is ideal for small-to-medium businesses and local companies that understand the need for consistent, ongoing social media development for the sake of good search engine rankings and visibility via social platforms. This service is also excellent for larger companies desiring to oursource their social media work while maintaining a high-quality online presence.

Many companies simply don't "get" social media. When done correctly, a company can grow their audience and their influence, improving a critical signal used in search engine rankings while also diversifying their online distribution capability -- even reducing their dependency on Google rankings!

High-quality social media work requires consistent, ongoing updates posted, along with experienced promotion work to continue to grow the audience. Most businesses don't know how to do this effectively, and are at a loss as to how to post frequent updates without being too boringly focussed on their self-promotion. Some company's owners and marketing managers simply don't have the time necessary to devote to social media, or have only concentrated on one platform while ignoring the potential found in others - at a minimum, you should be active in Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

Argent Media has managed online communications for a number of Fortune 100 companies and major brands. We get social media and how it ties into brand development, online integration, SEO, proactive online reputation management, and more. Our social media management will build your audience, build your influence, and provide you with a positive online image.

Our basic, flat rate Social Media Management Package provides a competitively-priced option for handling your needs.

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Basic Social Media Promotion & Management Package

$500.00 / Month

Services Provided:

  • Set-up and optimization of up of 50+ social media profiles on behalf of your brandname/site. Also, provide us with access passwords to optimize any existing profiles you may have. We can then begin assisting you by posting updates/content. More popular/active social profiles will be configured to automatically feed updates to lesser platforms.
  • We will write and post at least 15-40 Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus updates per month, typically posted on higher-traffic weekdays. (Different types of business lend themselves to different frequencies of updates.)
  • Our social media promotional activities can help find individuals in the market for your products or services and direct them to you.
  • We can assist in setting up processes and designing promotion campaigns to help your brand in building up its presence on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  • Optional: You may provide us with boilerplate information for answering common questions that might be submitted on the various social media platforms. Or, we can also call or email questions directly to your personnel and then publish answers on your behalf. 

For special needs or additional services, call for customized pricing.